Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gas Station Attendent

Ask a local gas station to let you pump customers gas and wash their windshields. You can either ask for a donation or a set amount. Since most stations are now self service you will be offering the customers a welcome option. It's a win-win situation. It doesn't cost the station a cent and their customers get premium service. This is a nice fundraiser because you have no upfront cost. The gas stations already have the windshield cleaner, squeegees and paper towels. You just provide warm bodies and elbow grease. It would be great to have your purple cards available to hand out to your donors as well to let them know about Rett Syndrome! We got this fundraising idea from a friend who does this at least twice a year for her child's private school and earns $300 in three hours with just seven people! So, call a few friends, get out there, and raise some money!! To get involved with Dress Up 2 Cure 2011 visit

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