Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness:Hoops to help!

Every March across the nation our minds turn to one thing MARCH MADNESS!! Basketball fans go nuts rooting for their favorite teams. It's a huge event, right up there with the Super Bowl.
An event like March Madness gives you a theme to work with, and an opportunity to appeal to a group of people who might not otherwise participate in a fund raising event.

Hold a March Madness Party - charge everyone $10 at the door and let the games begin!

Pick a game and have your guests wager on:

  • How many three point shots will be made.

  • Will there be a technical foul?

  • How many times will the cheerleaders be shown on camera?

  • Will the team mascots fight during the game?

  • Will the coach remove his tie at any point throughout the game

  • How may free throws will be made?

You get the idea - make it fun! Encourage each guest to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert to share and that will cut down on cost for you!

Make it a TRUE "Dress Up" event and have everyone come dressed in their "team" colors!

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