Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cookie Walk

How does a Cookie Walk work? You will need to get friends and family involved in the baking. (Something like this is very successful at a church or school!) Volunteers bake cookies, bars, candies or confections. The goodies will be spread out on tables in your venue of choice. A price "per pound' is set and listed so that your guests know what to expect. ($5.00 is a good suggested price) Be sure to advertise - use facebook, email, the local paper, posters - you name it! The public then 'walks' along the many tables selecting treats*. At the end of the walk, treat containers are weighed to determine how much you pay. Homemade treats are a perfect gift for neighbors, clients, colleagues, and family! *Be sure to have a box of latex gloves for people to wear when choosing their cookies (or a volunteer at each table wearing gloves to put the cookies on the plate for them.) To get involved with Dress Up 2 Cure 2011 visit www.dressup2cure.org

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