Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recycle for Rett

(We want to thank our friend Joel at The Dancing Sun LLC for this suggestion!)
There are a few ways to Recycle for Rett:
1. In some states, such as VT, NY, MA etc when you purchase beverages in bottles, cans, etc you pay a 5 cent deposit on the bottle. When you return them (recycle them) you get your nickel back.
2. Almost every state pays per lb. for the cans. Although every state is different, the average pay is 35 cents per lb. To get paid for recycling your cans - get out your phone book and look up your local recycling agencies and give them a call. Take your cans to the company that is offering you the most per lb. or per can.
3. There is a site called Sell Your Cell that will buy your phone from you to recycle and sell to another customer. They pay between $5 and $200 per phone, but they say the average is $25.

No matter which option you might try - Encourage your family friends and co-workers to help you out throughout April (or the entire year!) Recycling helps the environment and we help Rett.....this idea promotes two good causes!!

To get involved with Dress Up 2 Cure 2011 visit http://www.dressup2cure.org/

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