Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video Game Tournament

Let’s face it; many kids don’t play board games these days. However, a video game tournament speaks their language!
Setting up a video game competition:
Collect the Games. Chances are most of the families in your neighborhood have more electronic games in the house now then they do board games. This should make it easy to collect a few systems and games for the evening. Set a registration fee per - say $10 per person.

Should I Choose 1 or More Game? Many organizers might prefer to stick to one game to keep things simple, but there are no rules that limit the night to just one game! You could have a Nintendo Wii tournament with a whole host of games—that way there is something for everyone.

Tournament Style: You can play round-robin, double elimination, or allow winners of one game to challenge anyone from a list of other game winners.

Gamer Stations: If you do choose to do a larger video game tourney with multiple gaming systems, you will be able to keep more players involved in the tournament. Remember to establish a time per game to keep the competition on schedule and fair for all players.

Snacks:Your players will appreciate drinks and snacks if the tournament is an evening or day-long event. Try to get a local pizza, burger or wings restaurant to sponsor the event for free and then charge for snacks and refreshments—with funds raised going to GP2C and your team!

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