Friday, April 8, 2011

Raffle for Rett

Wednesday night my sister invited 15 ladies over to her place for a Raffle For Rett. It was SO FUN, SO EASY, and SO SUCCESSFUL! We sold tickets: $1 for 1, $10 for 12 and $20 for 25 tickets. Each gal brought either an appetizer, salad, or dessert. (So there was not a ton of cooking for the host!)
Each gal also brought an item (some brought 2 or 3!) for the raffle. These were things like homemade cookies, bottles of wine, scrap books, potted plants, purses, jewelry - ANYTHING GOES! (Again, the host does not have to track down dozens of raffle donations, so no additional work!)
We set up some tables in my sisters dining room for the items, put a plastic cup (lunch bags could be used too) in front of each item with the name listed - this is where your guest put their tickets for the item they want to win.
*Just remember to have your guest write their name on the back of the ticket - that way they do not have to keep track of a bunch of ticket numbers!

*We are able to accept cash, check, OR online payments because we simply pulled up Brooklyn's DU2C page and friends that wanted to use their credit card simply made an online donation for their raffle tickets!

It was a great night of wonderful friends sharing great food, drinks, and laughs -all while raising $535.00 for Team Brooklyn!! I recommend this event to EVERYONE - it was so much fun and little or no money out of pocket to host! If you have ANY questions just email me!

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