Friday, April 15, 2011

Strike a pose!

It doesn't matter what time of year, a fashion show is ALWAYS fun. Who doesn't like to play dress-up? And during Dress Up 2 Cure season , it PERFECT!

It takes some planning for sure: You'll need to have time to line up members, volunteers, and retailers to provide the fashions being displayed. You'll need to sell tickets (or you can charge admission at the door), put up fliers, set the stage, set up dressing areas, play music throughout the show, and help the models during outfit changes. Most significantly, you'll need an emcee to illustrate the clothing as the models stroll the stage.

You can talk to clothing and accessory store owners to see if they want to donate items in exchange for the exposure. You can even have their stores sell tickets for the fashion show. After they've seen the clothes on the runway, they may want to duplicate those looks themselves. To obtain models, you can post a request for volunteers on a local college bulletin board or just ask your friends!

If you decided to go with a baby fashion show route, you can ask fellow parents at school or at your church. There is no shortage of parents who would love to see their babies modelling cute clothes. After everything is planned and put in place for your fashion show fundraiser, don't forget to have fun!

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